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The Manav Foundation

The entire staff of the MANAV Foundation welcomes you to the MANAV Foundation website, We have now moved to a new location at...

168, Tyre House,
Lamington Cross Road, Alibhai Premji Marg,
Grant Road (East), Mumbai 400007

Tel: 80970 83518, 022- 2300 8984

Whilst the world has been quick to respond to the growing threats to the human body , little has been done especially in India, in response to the afflictions of the human mind.

The mentally ill. The emotionally disturbed and those with severe personality disorders bear not only the anguish of their suffering but also the additional burden of society’s indifference and ignorance . In spite of falling victim to false beliefs and deeply rooted misconceptions, the issue of mental health features very low on our government;s agenda and almost not at all on society;s list of priorities.

The isolation of the mentally ill, the emotionally disturbed, and of the issue at large has only further perpetuated the callous indifference that exists within society. Integration rehabilitation into community treatment is a necessity that cannot b further ignored.

In recognition of the current dearth of services and the growing need for a multifaceted approach, the MANAV foundation committed itself to the MANAV rehabilitation center for the mentally ill and emotionally disturbed

John Milton (1608-1674),Paradise Lost
"The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven."

MENTAL HEALTH: An Indifferent India
Mental HealthEven as India celebrated 63rd Independence anniversary recently, our country's mental health has gone from bad to worse as have the facilities for those having mental health problems. BINAIFER JESIA of the Manav Foundation explains why India cannot and should not ignore this problem the full article